topokki Story

We introduce how to make Topokki, the nutrients, history, and the story behind the brand of Topokki.

The Origin and History of Topokki

In the early Joseon Dynasty (in the 1460s), people cooked leftover rice cake from the Lunar New Year’s ceremonial ritual, along with meat, vegetables, and soy sauce, which was the beginning of Topokki and was commonly enjoyed by aristocrats or those in the palace.
The popularization of Topokki began after the 1950 Korean Civil War, as people began cooking and selling rice cake with gochujang as street food.
Starting in the 1980s, Topokki vendors in street food carts began to appear, and Topokki penetrated the food markets of Korea with alleyways lined with Topokki vendors, which made it a popular national snack for many Koreans.
Starting in the 21st century, Topokki was developed into
different types, flavors, and concepts, making it more up-
scale and diverse, and the branding of the dish using
special cooking methods and recipes was developed,
helping to spawn successful franchise businesses. Currently, the NFL’s Houston Texans home stadium sells Gochujang Topokki, and other parts of the world have started to catch up with the trend.